I began working professionally as a studio and stage drummer at age 15, playing clubs to large theaters and festivals and eventually touring. After years of learning on the job, I began formal study with master teacher Aldo Mazza (Montréal, QC).

Through my work with KoSA Drum Camps, I have also been able to learn from some of the greatest drummers of our time, including Alex Acuña, Vinny Appice, Colin Bailey, Gregg Bissonette, Mike Clark, Dom Famularo, Daniel Glass, Peter Magadini, Jeff Salisbury, Chester Thompson & Glen Velez.

I grew up in a family of teachers, including my mother and father who made their careers as public school teachers in Oklahoma. I first discovered my passion for teaching while working with grades 3-12 at summer arts camps in California. I have since moved on to teaching all ages, and enjoy watching the personal breakthroughs that happen at any age while learning an instrument.

Drumming is a wonderful physical and mental exercise. As a teacher, my methods develop a strong foundation and technique while keeping it relaxed and fun. At my studios I utilize practice pads, drum sets and hand percussion, and my lessons include instruction on:

  • Reading and counting rhythm
  • The Drumming Rudiments
  • Grip and motion training
  • Speed and stamina development
  • Limb independence development
  • Groove training within multiple genres
  • Song development and writing

I also instruct my students on ways to play within a full band setting: playing tastefully, focusing on dynamics and developing a solid clock. In addition, I can also offer guidance on the use of drum machines and samples, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS), as well as the techology and concepts behind Audio Engineering and Live Sound.

Learning an instrument is a rewarding journey that can benefit you in all aspects of your life. As a lifelong student myself, I am reminded daily of the life changing benefits of working with music and rhythm. Sharing that with a beginning or experienced student are among the greatest rewards I can imagine. I enjoy working with all skill levels and believe that you're never too young or old to begin, or continue your journey with music. I have taught students from ages 5 and up!

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At the Vic Firth Private Drum Teacher Seminar with Vic Firth, Steve Gadd,
Stanton Moore, Dom Famularo, Aldo Mazza, & Zoro | 2012

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  • Working Drummer for over 25 years
  • Drum Set & Percussion Instructor for 7 years at uCamps Performing Arts Camp, teaching grades 3-12
  • Employee for KoSA Music, host of world renowned drum camps and festivals
  • Offering online lessons broadcast from my private studio, using four camera angles and professional level audio
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